Garrett Highlands Pipes and Drums


OPEN HOUSE:  Wednesday, March 26, 6:00 at the Oakland Fire Hall.

Free lessons spring 2014

The Garrett Highlands Pipes and Drums, originally formed in 1979, plays regularly at local and regional events and also is the host band for the McHenry Highland Festival in McHenry, Maryland.  The band practices weekly on Wednesdays and visitors are welcome.  The band also welcomes new members and provides instruction in both pipes and drums. The band recruits from and serves the tri-state areas and consists of members from Oakland, Deep Creek Lake, Frostburg, and Cumberland, Maryland as well as from West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The newest student members of Garrett Highlands Pipes and Drums joined the band on parade at the 2013 Autumn Glory Festival. Pictured here are piping students Riley Smith , Jordan Bosley , Jen Shillingburg, Kelsey Bosley, and drummer Rachel Bowser.

WHEN WE TEACH AND PRACTICE:   Every Wednesday night at the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department (31 3rd Street). Lessons are offered at 6:00 before our regular band practice at 7:00.  Students take 15 lessons, learn about marching routines, and are assimilated by the band when ready.  Students and parents can also be involved in the band in other ways. We are hoping to have enough students for a youth band!

OPEN HOUSE:  Wednesday, March 26, 6:00 at the Oakland Fire Hall.


COST FOR LESSONS: Lessons are free and we have affordable rental or payment plans for the practice instruments.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Email or call 301.501.0304.

McHenry Highland Festival 2013

Kirkin O'the Tartan, June 2012

Appalachian Festival, Frostburg, MD  September 2012


Whiskey Rebellion, Berlin, PA 2011

Christmas Concert, Oakland, MD Armory

 Autumn Glory 2012 Saturday Concert, 10:30 a.m., Oakland Fire Hall


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